About Mistress Dometria

The Brighton Dungeon was founded in 2005 by Mistress Dometria; the world’s harshest, most hardcore, BDSM Dominatrix keeping the fetish world entertained with well over 4000 BDSM clips and movies…not for the faint-hearted.

On August 3rd, 2018 Mistress Dometria sadly passed away leaving a legacy of unforgettable memories to a worldwide audience of clients, fans, followers and admirers.

A truly remarkable lady who loved and lived life to the fullest raising her five children on her own, she was the kindest most generous person you could ever meet. Those who have had the privilege of meeting this extraordinary woman know that she had a heart of gold and would never bat an eye lid when it came to helping others.

Mistress Dometria was one of the most hard-working Dominatrices who lead a busy working lifestyle whose vision was to succeed in all that she did especially providing a future for her children. She loved and adore them so much and she would always say, ‘’everything I do is for My kids’’.

Her wishes were to keep her ever growing business The Brighton Dungeon to continue to stay open and operating business as usual. Her family have asked Domina V one of Mistress Dometrias closest friends to manage and run the business. Since her passing Domina V has been implementing changes and organising the premises ready for re-opening.

With the support of Mistress Dometrias family and her close friends Domina V will continue the legacy to maintain a safe, clean and positive working environment.

We would like to say Thank you to everybody who has supported Mistress Dometria in any way and we hope that we do her proud by keeping her memory alive.

If you have met Mistress Dometria or you have used our premises for hire we would love to hear about your experience as we would like to add this to our new testimonials page. Naturally your personal details will never be used on our site. Please use the CONTACT form.