If you want a mind blowing session with a true DOMINATRIX, rather than with an ‘escort’ dressed in a bit of leather or PVC, you have made the right first move.

My Laws Of The Brighton Dungeon

My Way

If you want a mind blowing BDSM session with a true Dominatrix, rather than with an escort dressed in a bit of leather or PVC, you have made the right first move. I believe that true domination comes from domination of the mind and the senses and that pain and reward is just one part of the complex process of breaking down your will to resist. This is the ultimate ‘game’ and Mistress Dometria always wins. I am fortunate enough to have the physical attributes to entice you, the confidence of character to control you and the imagination and experience to take you to places even you probably don’t even know that you can go. If you visit me and fail to return, I can conclude only that either you are not into this scene, or that somehow I failed to connect with you. Most people I see come back for more … and more and more. This is the ultimate addiction.

Sessions With Me

First and foremost I am a lifestyle Mistress with a preference for harsh domination and BDSM. I never rush, because why should I. It takes time to get from you what I want; and rushing through life is not what I am about. At heart I am a true sadist and I get great pleasure from inflicting pain and in watching the reaction I get from those on whom I inflict that pain. I make no excuses for how much I enjoy what I do and I neither question the morality of it, nor lose sleep at night wondering if I am a good, or bad person because I enjoy something different. If you are a novice, you will be encouraged and amazed by what you experience with me; and if you are already experienced, you will be relieved that at last you have found what you are looking for.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

I am often complimented on how spotlessly clean and hygienic my dungeon is and how well maintained and sanitised all my equipment is. Hygiene is something I take extremely seriously, as is your safety and well being whilst you are with me. Nothing is left to chance and it is important to me that you leave me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ‘cleansed’ in both mind and body. There are toilet and shower facilities in the dungeon for use before or after our session. Mistress expects you to be clean and smelling of something nice also. No smelly bodies, as Mistress hates them.

Privacy and Discretion

All interaction between us will be treated with the strictest confidence. My dungeon is a place where we can both escape the real world and chase a world of fantasy. Mutual respect is a condition, not an option; and whilst you are with me time will stand still and life’s pressures and tribulations will take a back seat. Proper BDSM is a meeting of minds and what goes on whilst you are with me will remain just with the two of us.

My tribute vary’s depending what kind of session you desire! No two slaves are the same so I cannot specify prices

I do offer an overnight stay in the dungeon for £1000. This commences at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and concludes at 9 o’clock the next morning. We will enjoy a mind-blowing session for four hours, then you get to sleep in the dungeon, before being woken up at 7 o’clock for some more punishment, then kicked out at 9 o’clock in the morning!

Call me on 07961 833705 – or email on the form below to book.

My Hardcore BDSM Services

Bondage – Corporal Punishment – Caning – Whipping – Spanking – Judicial Punishment – Bullwhipping (severe) – CBT – Ballbusting –  Bastinado – Gags and Bits – Restraints and Hoods – Clamps and Weights – Blindfolds – Interrogation – Face Slapping – Suspension – Crucifixion – Candles and Hot Wax – Strap-On & Dildo Play – Fisting – Dildo Worship and Training – Trampling – Breath Control – Smothering  – Mummification – Electrotorture (Violet Wand and Erostek) – Branding and Piercing – Cigarette Fetish and Torture – Ice Play – Gun Play – Knife Play – Pony Play – Leather and Latex Fetish – Rubber Fetish – Boot Domination – Chastity Training – Humiliation – Beatdowns – Boxing, Wrestling and MMA (uncontested) – Muscle Domination – Human Punchbag – Exercise under Domination – Feminisation – TV Dressing – Foot/Boot/Shoe worship – Psychodrama – Role Play – Sensory Deprivation – Tie and Tease – Verbal Humiliation

Believe you me, YOU want it and I’LL give it’. However, you should respect the fact that BDSM is not prostitution and therefore I do not offer sex. Respect me and I will respect you.

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