Dometria Boss Lady

I am Dometria – The Boss Lady

I have always been passionate about sculpting my body and have a long-term love affair with wrestling and MMA, which give me the opportunity to push myself and realise my personal power

No Better Feeling

There is no better feeling for me than the sensation of my trained and taut muscles straining around a strong male physique; my thighs scissoring around his neck, or my biceps straining to their full power as I lock my opponent into a killer hold as he tries and fails to writhe away from my grip. There is something deliciously intimate and carnal about wrestling which empowers me and makes me feel truly alive.

In addition to my passion for wrestling, I have been boxing for 17 years and kick boxing and doing Muay Thai and MMA for 10 years. I train 6 days a week and it is this natural focus and discipline for physical excellence which brought me to bodybuilding. People always assumed I was a professional bodybuilder and often asked me where I was next competing, so 2 years ago I decided I was going to give myself a new goal and take to the bodybuilding stage.

Rather than doing the normal circuit, Rene Campbell took me under her world champion wing and persuaded and prepped me to enter the South East United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF) Show 2011. Here, at my first ever show, I placed in the fitness category. From this success I was invited to compete at the World Amateur Body Building (WABBA) Universe 2013 in Germany, where I was placed 7th in the world in the shape category.

Becoming Number 1

Being invited to guest at the Hercules Olympia WABBA World Qualifier in 2013 was an honour and a delight and so I decided to do something a little different. To the best of my knowledge, never before has a bodybuilder been brought to his knees on stage and this is exactly what I did, making this big, strong, Alpha male my subservient as he crawled on all fours to gasps from the audience and disbelief from the judges. This, to me, was an ultimate example of power, using the strength of both my honed body and focussed mind, my personal power, in this way.