The Brighton Dungeon Consists of 4 Specially Designed BDSM & Torture Rooms. Ready For Hire & Filming

My Punishment Room is fully equipped with an armory of torture instruments primarily for bondage and corporal punishment that would make any sadist (or masochist) salivate. You will feel your heart pump with anticipation and excitement. This is not for the feint of heart! Your imagination will be on fire and your adrenaline will be racing through your body.

The Brighton Dungeon offers full filming facilities with excellent lighting and super-fast broadband. There is a wet room, shower and changing facility as well as a lockers and waiting area. This really is a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art dungeon premises, a complete BDSM sanctuary, from the moment you enter my chambers. I am secure, discreet and easy to reach from the seafront and Brighton train station. We are also great friends with Taboo, Brighton’s award wining adult boutique. So if you need any sexy toys, lubes or fetish gear, pop in and mention The Brighton Dungeon.

We are also film makers and have had many adult movies made in the dungeon, so if you are interested in filming and production, we can help you. We have set the dungeon up as a film studio with great atmospheric lighting and super-quick broadband for live webcam broadcasts.

The Medical Room

Check out the Dungeon’s unique, hi-tech medical room. The centerpiece is my fully adjustable gynecological chair with stirrups and all attachments. If you want to get totally off your face and into another world of pain and pleasure, this is the room of the dungeon not to be missed.

The Punishment Room

This is my punishment room and is at the heart of The Brighton Dungeon, where you will suffer for my pleasure in so many ways! Maybe you will get strapped onto the discipline bench and have your balls broken, or onto my St. Andrew’s Cross, where I will cane and whip the meaning of “mercy Mistress” into you.

The Torture Cell

Taken together, this is the most comprehensive and best-equipped set of dungeon facilities in the country! It honestly makes Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain look like a fucking chartered accountant’s office. Whatever you are into, The Brighton Dungeon can facilitate and I will make it come true for you.

The Interrogation Cell

Then there are the deep dark rooms for the boys who just cannot get enough. The confined interrogation cell is for hardcore masochists only. Dedicated to iron body restraints, leg-irons, manacles and shackles, you can suffer awful torments and tell me your deepest secrets. Have you ever felt the need to confess?

Minimum Booking Time

Can Extend on request
  • Main Dungeon Rooms
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Deposit Required
  • Max 2 People

Overnight Rental

Can Extend on request
  • 4 Dungeon Rooms
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Full WiFi Access
  • Filming welcome

2 Nights / Weekends

£3502 Nights / Weekend
Slots Available
  • Access All Areas
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Full WiFi
  • Filming Welcome

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The Brighton Erotic Boudoir

The Brighton Erotic Boudoir is a kinky play space complete with a beautiful deluxe boudoir with luscious fabrics,
sensual colours and sexy artwork, a renowned medical room with a selection
of both vintage and up to date toys, fully equipped dungeon, wet room and more.

Perfect for a long dirty weekend in the hub of the uk’s most sexually liberated city,
Brighton! Close to all the other local delights it has to offer.