Here at Brighton Dungeon Hire we have regular local and international Independent professionals who enjoy using our facilities.

If you would like to session with a particular lady please contact then directly.

Click on photo to be redirected to their contact details.

Professional Aussie Dominatrix ,Fluffy Boudoir Cross Dressing Salon, Haircut Fetishes

Madam Brodie The Sadistic Mistress

The nicest bitch you’ll ever meet

Professional English Dominatrix, Lifestyle Goddess, Slave Owner, Psychology and Extreme Pain Mistress

Tiny, Fierce, 100% Bi-sexual Goddess, Your new obsession, Porn Actress, Pro-Domme, Wrestler, Size Queen, QoS Cuckoldress,

Dominatrix and Session Wrestler

International model, erotic writer and pro-domme. Ultimate femme fatale who will consume your entire being.

New Mistress Coming Soon

New Mistress Coming Soon