My Dungeon is my own personal space where I can satisfy my sadistic pleasures. The Brighton Dungeon consists of four play spaces. My Punishment Room is fully equipped with an armory of torture instruments primarily for bondage and corporal punishment that would make any sadist (or masochist) salivate.

Mistress Dometria's Medical Room


For my players with more specialist tastes I also provide my unique hi-tech medical room. The centrepiece is my fully adjustable gynaecological chair with stirrups and all attachments. If you want to get totally off your face and into another world of pain and pleasure, this is the place to be.

Strapped into the chair you can explore breath play, gas masks, amyl or re-breathing hoods under my skilled and commanding supervision. Gasp! Perhaps you would like to double the size of your cock with my cock pumps or get the big nipples and boobs you have always wanted with my vacuum kit.

Or explore all aspects of anal play. I have butt plugs, inflatable cocks and strap-ons of all sizes from novice starter kits to mammoth tools that you won’t believe could go in a man ……… but all of them have! I also specialise in full medical anal birthing (analgebert) with fully trained medical assistance. Or drift and scream into electric heaven.

I have all the state of the art electrosex gear including Erostek and Electrostim and once connected to those I can bring you to rhythmic orgasms or blast you into screaming delirium. My Folsom Cock and Ball Torture Board can deliver the most precise and varied electrical torture to your crown jewels, or you can enjoy chastity in my CB 6000 device or forced milking with my unstoppable Hitachi Wand. Alternatively, linked to my Nova 100 mind-machine and strobes you can experience out-of-body sadomasochism you have never dreamt of.

If you’d prefer to jolt and sizzle we can use my fabulous Violet Wand (a fully reconditioned Helios VX made in Germany in the 1930s!!). Yes, this room is a palace for the kinky senses. Come explore.

Mistress Dometria's Punishment Room


The punishment room is the heart of my dungeon where you can suffer for my pleasure in so many ways. I am a versatile and adventurous dominatrix (as you will know from watching my movies) and here I practice both the traditional and innovative arts of domination and BDSM.

Maybe I will strap you to my discipline bench or St. Andrew’s Cross. Once you are restrained on one of these I can demonstrate my skills in corporal punishment from training novices through to the most brutal lashing of my hardcore masochists. I have bullwhips, canes (from rattan to dragoon to Singapore special), and floggers for every taste including some home-made specialized kit.

If you want to go extreme, nobody does it harder and crueler than me….. and I love it. Or I can torture you. When you are on that cross you will be totally vulnerable and I can go to work on your cock and balls or tits with my nipple clamps (tough), clover clamps (harsh) or car battery clamps (off the Richter scale).

Or I can torture you with electric shocks, cigarettes or claws. You can scream as much as you want because my dungeon is deep underground with a tattoo parlour upstairs to cover for the noise! If you like branding or scarification I can leave more permanent marks on you (I am experienced and well-trained in all these things). If you like I can suspend you from the ceiling in my Master-U-Sling and get to work on your anus with probes and strap-ons or torture your very vulnerable balls while you sway in mid air in front of me.

For CBT boys I have trampling boards that will isolate your bollocks under my feet or high-heeled boots, or I can lock you in my deprivation cupboard in the corner where only your cock and balls are left behind in the room for me to do all sorts of nasty things to – from ball-busting to forced milking! Using the overhead bars I can swing from the ceiling to trample you, choke you. or dominate you under my boots.

There is also plenty of space for beat-downs – boxing, MMA, wrestling or just sheer bloody violence (I have crash mats so I can throw you around in safety). In short it is a wonderful versatile play-space where we can do whatever a dominatrix might want to do and anything you can think of for her to do to you. Get your ass in here, boys!

Mistress Dometria's Torture Cell


Taken together this is the most comprehensive and best-equipped set of dungeon facilities in the country. (It makes Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain look like a child’s nursery!!). Whatever you are into, I can do it to you!!

Interrogation Cell

Then there are my deep dark rooms for the boys who just cannot get enough. My confined interrogation cell is for hardcore masochists only. Dedicated to iron body restraints, leg-irons, manacles and shackles you can suffer awful torments and tell me your deepest secrets. Have you ever felt the need to confess?

Deprivation cell

Enter through the steel barred gate into a very nasty place. An old coal cellar with cold stone floor and raw brick walls. A place of restraint, deprivation and slow torment (and exquisite pleasure) by candlelight. Here I might use my straitjackets or leather body bags. Lock you away in sensory deprivation, take you to the very edge in ordeals, or let wet warm rewards flow over you in return for your pain.

In addition, just a few hundred yards away from the Brighton dungeon I have my BDSM filming studio. In a spacious terraced house, I have a fully equipped film studio (lights, camera action!) which you will have seen in my Clips4sale movies. Here I have the space to stretch out and go for it with slaves who are willing to appear in my movies (though of course I also film many dungeon sessions). The studio contains much purpose-built apparatus, including pulleys, bondage frame, beat-down gear and bathroom for wet play.

Here I can swing my longest bullwhips, hang you upside down from the ceiling, put you through erotic water torments, or use my muscular body and fighting skills to batter and hurl you around the room. There is space for pony play, exercise under duress, or for fantasy scenarios (domestic, adventure, dress-up, fetish etc). Only selected players get to play here but we can set up more elaborate fantasies or hardcore movie scenarios to live your wildest dreams.


The Brighton Dungeon consists of four play spaces. My Punishment Room is fully equipped with an armory of torture instruments primarily for bondage and corporal punishment that would make any sadist (or masochist) salivate.