The Brighton Erotic Boudoir is a kinky play space complete with a beautiful deluxe boudoir with luscious fabrics, sensual colours and sexy artwork, A renowned medical room with a selection of both vintage and up to date toys, fully equipped Dungeon, wet room and more. Perfect for a long dirty weekend in the hub of the UK’s most sexually liberated city, Brighton. Close to all the other local delights it has to offer. Please fill out the form below to enquire about your sexy stay at the Bright Erotic Boudoir

Expose your mind, body, heart and soul to a sensory experience like no other, as Mistress Dometria opens her own private sanctuary to couples wishing to explore and fulfil their deepest, darkest desires…

Since the reign of Prince Regent, George IV, when he made the city his home in the late 18th century, Brighton has been known as a mecca of escape, decadence and debauchery. Today, still heralding the Pavilion spires and candy-coloured architecture, Brighton is famous for its colourful, eclectic lifestyle and cutting-edge culture, alongside it’s ‘kiss-me-quick’ stag and hen party appeal.

Now Brighton is about to take the meaning of ‘dirty weekend’ to a whole new level, as world renowned Mistress Dometria opens the doors to her inner sanctum and invites you to play inside.

Come and play in Mistress Dometria’s private chambers

Mistress is now taking bookings to spend the weekend in her self-contained dungeon chambers. The chambers comprise a sumptuous boudoir suite, a professionally equipped medical room, fully-equipped dungeon, marble-tiled wet room and medieval cells.

Please note: this is not a themed boutique hotel, rather it is Mistress’s own private chambers, made available to you for one or two nights, exclusively at weekends. Your stay gives you full access to the highest quality BDSM equipment and toys, within a real-life fantasy environment. This is where Mistress plays with her own slaves and the premises have been designed and furnished entirely for play, pleasure… and pain.

The opulent boudoir features softly-padded, velvet-cladded walls of rich crimson, with Regency style furnishings. You will sleep in Mistress’s own bed beneath night skies and constellations, beamed across the ceiling by a discrete projector.

The medical room is a fetishist’s nirvana, with its foreboding treatment chair, gleaming tiles and rows of metal cabinets, cabinets which withhold secrets of titillation and torture. Which brings us to the dungeon, fully-equipped with dark delights beyond your wildest dreams – the innermost heart of the sanctuary and the place in which Mistress exorcises and rebuilds the souls of her own slaves. This is where Mistress Dometria now invites you to play.

A word of caution though – these are toys which must not be played with lightly. As Mistress opens her inner sanctum to you, she will also extend her wisdom and will instruct you in how to use the equipment in a safe way. However, it is imperative all guests exercise appropriate duty of care in all BDSM play. These toys can hold pleasures unknown, but only if you know how to wield them. So play nice with your nasty and always remember the safe word. It’s supposed to be fun, right? Also, Mistress will be cross if you are irresponsible with her special things. Anyway, we digress…When you book your experience at The Brighton Erotic Boudoir, you can be assured every attention to detail has been made for your comfort and aesthetic pleasure. From the mind-blowing range of professional BDSM equipment and toys, fantasy-themed chambers and sheer thrill of having the whole place (yes, the entire premises) to yourself, you also have the home comforts of fresh linen and towels, parking permits, water cooler, coffee machine, internet (plus tablet available for your use), glasses, mugs, hairdryer and even a mini iron and ironing board so you can always look your best.

Whilst there is no kitchen on the premises, we are right in the centre of Brighton, moments from the seafront, so we are surrounded by excellent restaurants. As you will have to interrupt your play for food, we have made things as easy as possible for you and can pre-book you in with some of the finest local eateries. Brighton also has some of the wildest nightlife in the UK and we leave local guides in your welcome pack, should you wish to go out to have fun.

Please contact us on the form at the bottom of the page to enquire about availability and book your experience at The Brighton Erotic Boudoir.
Mistress will meet and greet you upon your arrival, show you around the premises and answer any questions you may have. Please let Mistress know in advance if you need any training in the equipment, have any special needs, require a parking permit, or would like restaurant meals pre-booked.